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We created The GRIND Journal because we want to live in a world remade by you! Like the Ancestor June Jordan said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for!”


The GRIND Team

The Drs. Amber and Maria Jones are passionate about being change agents while celebrating their personal culture and style.

Dr. Maria Jones

As the oldest of three siblings, Dr. Maria Jones considers her lifelong job title to be a Professional Mentor. In reality, Dr. Maria Jones is a Research Partnerships Manager at Character Lab as well as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Psychology at Emory University. Her work examines the cognitive mechanisms that drive implicit gendered racial bias and its effects on intersectional identity development and mental health outcomes across development. Dr. Jones is also a proud alumnae of the ILLUSTRIOUS Spelman College. When she is not working, Maria is passionate about helping to reduce young Black girls’ trepidation about math and science in order to inspire them to reach for careers in STEM.

Dr. Amber Jones

Going through Amber Jones’ old report cards hints at the kind of adult she grew up to be. “Amber enjoys visiting with her friends after she finishes her work early.” “Amber has a very analytical mind.” “Amber got in trouble for fighting a kid who called her friend a name.” No matter the age, Amber Jones has always been a critical advocate who defends what she believes in. Dr. Amber Jones is an Asst. Professor of Educational Studies at THE Harris-Stowe State University. Her work involves the intersection of historical models of African American education and pre- and in-service teacher training.